What does it mean when a girl say I miss our days instead of I miss our relationship?

We met online we never met except once when we broke up , but we were texting 24/7 and i missed her after two years so i talked to her told her that i want to be her friend , she asked me about my love life i lied and told her that i have someone new in my life while there is no one , i wanted to look better in front of her not a loser , she told me that she met two people and she broke up with them and they werent good with her and she miss my days , when i told her i have a girl she said (very nice) i dont know what does she mean i said to her that out days we got used to each other wasn't love she said i dont know about that but i do miss it , why she said that and what should i do?


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  • She doesn't have feelings for you anymore. She enjoys the days you had an probably had fun. But doesn't want to be in a relationship anymore


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