Guy broke up over long distance. It was first love for both of us. Is it possible to get back to my ex in the future?

Need to give a back story a little bit to understand our situation...
My ex and I were doing long distance most of the time, but we also got to spent some physical time together. We were going to school in different states. To me, it was the best relationship. I need to mention that he's kinda like a player and easily get attracted by girls, and he knows it... until he met me and he said I was different. I was his first serious relationship, first love and first heart break. The long distance relationship was going good, but at the same time it was depressing for him because he always missed me. He gave me hope and expectation for a lot of things and we planned our relationship together.

But then when he had to move to another country, he decided to break up with me. His reasons were that it's very painful not to be able to see me often, and he was scared he might do something stupid with other girls at the new place and would end up hurting me more. He decided to let me go before anything could happen. That questions me if he actually loved me like he said? Letting go because he might flirt with other girls? We both were devastated but we kinda broke up in good terms. He came back to me a few weeks after breaking up to spend the last days with me before I flew back. He said he want to be able to be good friends. I tried to keep in touch with him but after a while it seems like he doesn't want to talk much, so I stopped. Now I feel like every nice thing he said was a lie, but maybe I'm wrong. Need guys' opinions. I heard from mutual friends that he's back to his old self now, having fun with lots of girls. It's been a year now and I've dated other guys but I can't love them the same way I did for my ex.

Sorry this is super long, but I want to know if you think it's really the distance or he's masking the true reason that he was losing interest in me. And in our case, is it possible to get back together when we're in the same country?


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  • yes true love never goes away


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