Should I call my ex to talk about the breakup? And how could I help my chances as to getting her back :-/?

Its been almost a week that my ex and I have been broken up.. And with everything thats happened I'm confused still. So i was thinking about calling her and asking to talk.

A brief run down on how things happened..
I was taken out of the "friendzone" after almost 5 years. Things were really good between her and I. We started out "talking" and then I made the notion to ask her to be my gf. We dated for almost 3 weeks :-/

Due to our schedules there was a good week when we didn't see each other. Maybe one day a week. I respected the fact that she was busy with classes and work. So I gave her space and stayed out of her hair. One Friday about 2 weeks ago, she surprised me and drove to my house to go mini golfing. The following Wednesday, I met her at her parents for a family dinner. Things were great. No red flags or any signs that something was wrong. Well the next day I noticed she wasn't real talkative, I figured she was busy with school. Later that afternoon she text me saying that we need to talk. Needless to say that was the talk that ended the relationship. Her reasonings were, she was busy with school and wanted to finish her sr year of college strong without any distractions ( which I respect). And she wanted to just be single?

So I'm left here confused as to everything considering the events leading to the break up. I was thinking about calling her to talk sometime this weekend since it'll be a week since we last spoke. I wasn't given a fair shot at a relationship with her and I want to get her back. I'm to attracted to her to be back in the friend zone. Any advice on how to so called get her back or what to do really in this situation? I know to just "giver her time" and "let her come to you". But i need solid answers as to why we broke up. Things just don't add up at all. I miss her to pieces :( Help please!!!


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  • Considering that you dated briefly, three weeks if I'm not mistaken, and it took five years for it to materialize, I unfortunately believe she was on the fence about initially dating you when she accepted to be exclusive with you. Thus, the relationship failed to be a need of hers and, as she implied, became a distraction.

    With regards to her actions to the days prior to the breakup, one can only speculate what her intentions were. Perhaps after the family dinner she evaluated her priorities and realized what she needed and did not need at this time in her life. Perhaps she decided to part ways prior to inviting you out and wanted to spend time with you prior to doing so.


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  • No, let it go. It will just cause more drama.


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