Anyone here that has had addiction issues that ended an important relationship?

I'm wondering if anyone has had drug or alcohol problems that lead to a break up of a special relationship? When you sobered up, did you realize what you had lost what and try to repair it? Were you stubborn and unreliable during your time of use and pushed that person out of you life?
My ex and I broke up over his alcohol issues. I need help. I can't communicate with him like I can a healthy minded person. I miss him dearly but if I reach out he will just respond with hate or not at all. He's only ever contacted me drunk and to say awful things. Please offer some experience if you can.


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  • ya, my work addiction. I work 6 days a week and on my off time my mind is still sort of thinking about work. The last 3 girls I dated broke it off with me because they couldn't stand me prioritizing work over them.


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  • well i had a sex addiction problem that im still overcoming and being a sex addict your not satisfied with one person , you like having sex with different people because it gives you some kind of up feeling.. i cheated a lot on my ex and i would always think he was cheating on me becuase i was cheating on him... i wish i would of gone to therapy along time ago because we broke up... being addicted to sex is like beind addicted to crack... when your doing it you feel like your floating you feel a alter ego... he hates me and even though im in therapy he will probably never talk to me ever again... i dont know how i got this way but im a lot better now...

    • Thank you so much for your insight. I forget about sex addiction I guess because I've never been through that. May I ask, when did you realize it was a problem? I have always wondered if my ex was one as well but I still can't tell the difference if it's narcissism, if he's a player or if he has an addiction to sex. When he drinks it magnifies his desire to be impulsive, but I used to see that he would have three entire pages of p*rn searches on his phone in one day. He met up with an ex fling when we were together, he said they didn't sleep together that night but to this day I don't know if he's addicted to sex or what. I'm lost. Did you realize it was a problem during or after the break up?

    • i realized it was a problem when i was watching my boyfriend move his stuff out... and then i realized that as long i feel unhappy and unfufilled none of my relationships would ever work out...

    • When did you tell your ex you made a mistake? Or did you?

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  • You need to move on and let that go. It's over and never was meant to be. Just a learning tool for your life. People help themselves and that's that. I dated a heroin addict so I have seen some shit.


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