How do you know when it's time to break it off in a relationship?

At what point in your relationship do you know it's time to break up? Do you have certain signs? And how do you do it? How would you want it to be done to you?


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  • Once you stop seeing a future, or see it that it will end, with someone you should end it. You're just wasting both your time and theirs if you don't.


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  • it depends on circumstances. the following have been reasons I broke off with my ex's

    1. only wanted sex.

    2. asked for money way too many times (earned more than me)

    3. had an annoying harrassing family member (s) that stab me behind my back

    4. cheated on me.

    5. didn't take the relationship as serious as I did.

    6. lied about important things.

    if for any reason they're hurting your health, rep, or emotions, that's when I would say to break it off if there is no resolution.

  • when i don't love him anymore. generally i just stick to the person no matter what as long as i still have deep feelings for him. i know it's somewhat stupid but it's MY life so i'll do whatever i want to do with it.


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  • well its quite easy to tell. when both of you don't talk the way that you both used to talk, then BOOMM gg... its over... the spark has faded the skies have fallen down on both of you... or none of you really see each other that much.. GLHF XD

  • Sex is a good indicator of the health of a relationship.
    When you're being rejected on more days than you're being accepted, it's going downhill and time to leave.


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