Have you ever let someone you love go because you wanted them meetet someone that could be there for them because you could?

Or they opened up to you and you ignored them because you couldn't break up with them.. and you felt like it was the best thing to do to. give them there best chance
Sorry for the spelling errors.
"Because you couldn't"


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  • Girl I used to date and broke up with was engaged to her bf and still flirted with me and cheat on her man with me.
    I have very strong views on marriage and cheating so I turned her down and ignored her for both our sakes. She married the guy and still is now. Hopefully she changed and never cheated on him, but who knows

  • Umm so basically what your saying is have you ever ignored/rejected someone? Lol
    Yes I have !!!

    • Not just someone. Someone you loved

    • Still yes once, a married women. That was messed up !! Lol
      She was an amazing women and her husband was a total douche !! Still I didn't want to ruin her life so I let her go.

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