Seriously lost, what do I do now?

My ex and I just split up a few days ago. I cried, he cried and it hurt. He says its all him and that I deserve better. We both agree that the past month or so, we've both given up on trying. He also says that he still loves me, and feels like he is making a huge mistake and that he will regret this. He's writing songs about me, and we still sleep in the same house and room and bed for now, until I move out. He says I've made him the happiest he's been in years, and thinks that a few years from now, we can find ourselves in the same place, meeting again and being together. I translate that to he saying he deserves better and he just wants to let me down easy. He asked me to see if I could stay with a friend for a few days, so he can clear his head. I just want to know what this all means, from a guys perspective.


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  • He's frustrated. Probably, give him some time. Let him do his thinking. Hell miss you hopefully. If not, there is nothing you can do. Sorry.

    • He's an awesome person, I just think he needs some time as well. He still calls me and texts while he's at work to ask how my days going and still says he loves me very much. Just a confusing time. Thank you

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  • He is having mixed emotions, he obviously dosent want to let you go , but maybe you guys have reallly low communication, fight a lot, or lost the spark. If you are willing to fix the problem then stay...

    • I want to stay but feel if I do, we won't be able to salvage a friendship if that's all we can have

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    • The loving feelings are missing for me. The sense of being complete. I basically feel lost.

    • That happens in all relationships especially after a breakup. How are you guys now? When you were apart from him, did you feel like you didn't have to worry about anything, or did you feel like the spark out of everything is gone

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