How do I ever get over this?

Three months ago i broke up with my boyfriend. Despite the fact i hate the shit outta him now. I still see him around once in a while cuz we're in the same school. I even run into him couple of times, but i walk the opposite direction whenever i see him. Sometimes he sees me, but i refuse to make eye contact with him.

He's like trying to prove he's having a better life now. He's always hanging out with friends, laughing, whenever i spot him in school. And today after finished class, he was standing on the opposite building on mine (same floor), flirting with a girl.

Is this seriously how guys act after breakups? I really hate his guts and i wish he could just disappear.


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  • Act like you dont care what he does, because that is how it is supposed to be. He has moved on and is not going to be depressed over something that happened 3 months ago and you should to. Let him do what he wants and you do what you want. Looking at what he is doing isn't going to get you anywhere, it will only make you unhappy. Dont care about it, care about yourself. I think you are in the stage of the relationship where you hate him for maybe no reason at all. It happens to all of us, but just try to be the bigger person, forgive and move on.

    • yea, you're right.. I always tell myself i don't give a shit but it really ruins my mood for the rest of my day..

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