What is the best way to break up?

It's been bugging me for a while now since we don't really communicate with each other lately... I think that he had fallen out of love with me. He was not like this before, we used to talk everyday, go out often and enjoying each other's company. Now, we rarely talk to each other at all...

Part of me still loves him, part of me saying that maybe i should let him go. It's a painful struggle. The thing is that he never told me what really happened.. or tell me if i did something wrong. He just kept me hanging...

What is the best way to say this to him?


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  • First flat out ask him if he still want's to be with you, tell him you've been second guessing if the relationship is gunna work out. if he doesn't love you he'll agree the relationship might not work out & it can all end there. Goodluck

    • idk, actually we fight last week and i feel bad cuz i was not there for him during his hard time ( i was busy with assignments) now he's been giving me the silent treatment. I send him text but didn't get any reply. I read some article online and seems like bf fits to a passive-aggressive type. That's why im not sure if he's really a loner and he's hiding in his cave right now or he just really don't love me anymore.

    • Ask him that, tell him if he's angry you'll give him time, but if he doesn't feel the same for u to let you know.

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