Why do I still think about my ex boyfriend?

In the summer of 2013/2014 (I live in the northern hemisphere) I dated this guy who is eight years older than me and he was the first guy I was ever intimate with. It only lasted 2 months before he broke up with me through a text message. About 3 months ago he started dating this new girl and he is fine, I mean he moved on straight away after he and I broke up.

Its been 8 months now and Im not sad about what he did but I still find myself thinking about him. I am not that type of girl who has sex with a guy just because, I only have sex with them if I love him. I miss the idea of him, you know the idea of having that special someone and the idea of romance and the idea of being in a relationship.

I am scared to meet new people and I am scared to open up to guys because I don't want to go through the pain that I went through. Even though he and I were only together for 2 months, I did fall hard.

Why do I still think about him though? Every time I see a guy or speak to a guy I am always comparing. Also every night I keep thinking what he might be doing at that moment, and sometimes I wonder if he ever thinks about me and about the time when we were together.

Also I want to have him in my life again just as a friend but I don't know how long I should wait or if he even wants to be friends with me, when he broke up with me he said that we could still be friends but he didn't follow through.
I meant south hemisphere haha I live in the southern hemisphere


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  • Your memories with him still linger on your system. It's either you still in love with him or you're just in love with the memories you two have shared.


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