Why did he decide to leave without a reason?

so I started seeing this guy like one and a half month ago and he was so incredibly sweet the first three weeks and talked to me all the time. He told me to always text him when I got home so he knew i got home safe. Then after those three weeks he changed. He stop talking to me as much and wasn't interesting in seeing me anymore. last Friday he said he didn't want this anymore but he never gave me an explanation why it was over. the same day he still texted me to ask where i was and if i wanted to hang out with him and bring some of my friends. I know this might sound ridiculous because we weren't like even for real together or anything but I just really want to know why he did this. Why would he suddenly "break up" with me when I thought, and my friends agree, he really liked me?


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  • Maybe he didn't feel that you were committed as much as he was. How did you respond to those things that he did?

    • i was definitely more commited than he was. He was the one who didn't want anything more serious. He seemed committed because he even brought me home to see his mom and stuff like that but he did say to me that he didn't want to be like officially together or anything.

  • Who knows why? Maybe he found another girl. You may never know, you just have to accept it.


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