One of those crazy get your ex back stories... Help?

This is along complicated story, but I'll shorten it up. Okay, so we were together for almost a year, and after a tough patch, we went back to normal then BOOM. She dumps me. I wait on her for almost another year, and the whole time she's indecisive (hot and cold flirting) anytime we talk or see each other. and then when we were kinda talking, she does the same thing (she's with another ex at this time), but this time I've got this new girl I've been sweet on for a while who's ready to be with me. I get with her, and suddenly ex gf makes up her mind. I'm already with new gf, but she reels me back in. so after a few weeks of back and forth, i get back with my ex. I'm happy to have her back since i truly do love her, but the other relationship was going well and i had to decide in a hurry and it really stressed me out. Was working a very depressing job that gave me (calmest guy i know) anger "problems" with a moderate depression. So I'm angry and depressed all the time, I break up with her and shrivel away from life for a while and focus on paying college back. She gets back with an ex (who she cheated on with me and said even when they were together before"the decision" i was the one on her mind). The break up hurt her real bad claiming i was the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. FF 3 months later i apologize, but she's still with her other ex, claims she doesn't love me, and we don't need to speak... FF 2 months, she hits me up in the middle of the night (just happened to be up), needing to talk and stuff. Now we hang out some, and i can rub and hug on her very flirtatiously, but nothing too intimate like a full snuggle session. And she hates setting me with other girls. But, she's still with her other ex... i know i was the bad guy who messed up this time, but I owe it to myself to take a swing. ... Can I pull this off?


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  • You owe it to yourself to find happiness else where. This is slightly different get your ex back story because you actually go her back THEN chose to leave her. I see that said you was angry and depressed but you saw her as being useless when it came to emotional support from her during this time which is a big negative. Relationships is not about snuggle sessions and sex you have to be able to be there in a time of need and for support and she obviously can't or wasn't doing that. She seems to have an obsession of revisting old trials traveled so you may have shot at her down the road. Honestly she isn't a that much of a prize to waste time and energy on. She is indecisive cheater that likes to create drama and play games. Stay away.

    • First, thank you for taking the time to read all that (wasn't as short as I'd hoped) and second, a very interesting answer. She can be very emotionally supportive (held me down when i was broke and my college dream almost died), usually is. which I do want to express that, which is why i keep wanting her back. She gets me when no one else does. A very rare connection. Of course, she has more of a temper than me, along with a few other things. BUT... you're right, at times this last time i felt like i was alone against the world.

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  • You need to let her go. She is playing with your emotions too much. And if she has already cheated on guys, and is now flirting with you while dating someone else, why would you want to be with her? It sounds like she is never going to chance. Do yourself a favor and forget about her. Go find a girl that will be loyal to you.


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