Was it too soon to try talking to my ex again?

So it's been almost a month since we last broke up, and today, I send him a text simply saying how he's doing, and a simple hi. Then, I get nothing. Was it too soon? I just asked a simple question is all, no harm or foul.


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What Guys Said 1

  • well your trying to talk to an ex , I went through the same thing when I tried to contact this girl I had sort of seen during the summer , nothing at all no response from her. I think in general its common for ex's to simply ignore attempts made by former partners to contact them


What Girls Said 1

  • Yes, probably too soon. You don't just text someone you've recently broken up with.

    • Why do you even want to know? Do you want to get back together? Is it something you think of?

    • I know, he has as been sending me messages, it only happened twice, and I am not looking into getting back with him. But you do have a point. But simply, I just want to know if he is doing okay, since he suffers from depression and all that stuff. I just want to show him that I still care.

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