What's my ex thinking? Opinions please!?

Hi I was hoping for some female perspective on this and forgive me for the length/complication of this situation. My ex and I met, fell deeply in love, were very intimate with each other at the start (naturally), the last year of our relationship especially though lacked any intimacy or sexual passion at all. This was getting to me for a while and after repeated attempts to revive or at least talk about the problem nothing had changed and no attempt was made by my partner to work on it. Combined with some work and personal problems I found myself in quite a low spot and basically one night her friend stayed over and I felt that we shared a connection, or I felt some emotional attachment to her because she was actually listening to me. I did find her attractive but had no sexual intentions toward her. We held hands and consoled each other (she had just had her wedding cancelled), hugged and I kissed her on the cheek.. The next morning my partner could tell something had changed, it all came out, I was asked to move out and in the week after that she had had sex and performed other activities with at least 3 guys. I admitted my guilt, accepted responsibility for what I did and took full blame for my actions but are they really that unforgivable considering the circumstances? Im still the bad guy that she says she can't trust because I did what I did while we were together and I respect that. But I still love her, im willing to put behind me the fact that she apparently was head over heels in love with me and then fucked 3 guys within a week of our split and try to put things back together but is she just using me now? I dont feel that what I did is unforgivable considering the lengths I've gone to to apologise to her. Am I really the bad guy here? Im a loving, caring, monogomous guy that hates the idea of cheatingand being unfaithful, I just had a moment of weakness and its cost me everything. Any ladies care to give their thoughts on how they would feel about this?


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  • She's hurt give her time! The fact that you got emotionally involved with another woman is still disrespectful even if it was not sexual.


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  • if you were just comforting her friend then she DEFINITELY over reacted, she'd be in the wrong not you, if that's all you did of course.

    • I was comforting her but she was also comforting me because I was venting about our lack of sex life.. I told my gf that I felt a connection with her friend that night but also told her why.. because she actually listened and gave me affection back! All that aside I admitted it was unfair and wrong what I did, but does that give her the right to do what she did?

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