Bestfriend doesn't want to talk to me like we used to anymore. What do I do?

Please read i need help on what to do!

so me and my friend have been close since 7th grade. when in college I started making passes at her showing that I wanted to perform acts on her. eventually that led to our friends with benefits relationship. everything was going fine until she asked "me where is this going?"I thought about it and thought, 'hey maybe we should start a relationship' so I suggested it but very concerned that if it was to fail we would keep the friendship very much alive. as time passed her personality we can to consists of being I agree with whatever I said or did. Eventually I got fed up and said if she kept acting aggressive towards me and hardly enjoyed her time with me. I didn't want to start anything with her if she kept this up but I begin to fall in love with her. eventually she wouldn't text me as much anymore or snapchat me anymore. Eventually she said that she wanted things to slow down, but telling me that she still likes me. she now seems to be happy that she's going out and stuff. Totally unscaved by telling me to hold up. and I'm the one suffering thinking "what did I do wrong?" What do i do? Do I still try? Or do I just sit by and watch my chance with her fall apart? please I'm in dier need of help :(
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  • Talk to her. Ask her. Straight to the point.


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