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My ex and i decided to end our relationship 6 months ago. We were together all of the first year of university, and then broke up just before the summer because it would be long distance. he broke up with me and cried the entire time. Since we've been broken up we talk anywhere from 1-4 times a week. All summer he told me he missed me, but he was worried about breaking up again if we got back together in the future. He told me that everything reminds him of me, and that the idea of me being with someone else kills him. He texts me pictures of things that i might like, and always sends me songs he thinks i would like. I do think he still cares about me, but i'm not sure if he wants to get back together. Does he want me back or is he just messing with me?


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  • He regrets his decision in ending the relationship. I think it's always good to sit down, face to face, and have a good communication with one another. Just make sure you see action over words, that's when you know things are different. Give it a shot, it won't hurt anything.

    • he also asked me if i was seeing anyone or if i've hooked up with anyone. I asked if he'd hooked up with anyone and he told me he had sex with someone but he said it was really bad, and it was nothing compared to being with me. Thoughts on that?

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    • do you think he will contact me? based on what i've told you about my situation

    • I do believe he will contact you again. Just remember to keep your composure with this. It's best to not have any expectations, from a mental stand point, just so you can process things easier. If your not at that point, it could be best to wait until you are there.

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  • I think it is obvious that he regrets his rush on the breakup thing and he wants you back so the question here is do you want him back or not?

    • i definitely miss him, and whether i want to get back together, i think i'd have to sit and talk with him and understand how he's feeling. what do you think i should do?

    • yes I can't agree more sit with him and talk... figure this out and if I were you I'd stress on the taking a rush decisions in the future I mean if you will be with each other then no more such breakups for sudden

  • Sounds genuine

    • he hasn't texted me since Saturday do you think i should be worried?

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  • I think we had the same experience before. I guess not. Dont waste your time waiting for him cause no matter how far you are with each other, if he wants to be together with you, he will be. He is just lonely in his place thats why he still cares for you but once he found someone or be interested in someone, he will just leave like that. Better you move on.

    • you don't think he wants to be with me then?

    • I believe its his part of moving on. He can't totally forget you thats why he is still doing those things.

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