Bf won't let me break up with him and move on?

My bf have been lying and cheated on me. I recently found out. We have broken up before because he chose to end it. The last time we broke up I cut contact with him, but he found a way to get a hold of me and told me he have to talk to me. When we met up that day he started telling me how stupid he's been and he realized what he had and promised to change to fix the trust he broke with us. I've never lied or cheated on him and being with him I never wanted attention or to go hang out with other guys, but since he gotten closer to his friends that's all they do is lie and cheat on their gfs. Recently I saw a pic on one of my friends Facebook and coincidentally he was in the background talking to the girl, which was weeks after we got back together. So my problem is I have tried breaking up with him before over a different situation but I always burst out in tears and he hugged me and told me he knows what he did before was wrong that he don't know what was going on with him and he loves me and always talks about having a future with me, etc. Now that I have tried every way of talking to him to work out our issues and he refuses to talk, he also continues to lie to me and I have no trust and no strength to want to even try with him anymore. I plan on breaking up with him tonight when he comes over but I don't want to be pulled back in only for him to play games with me and my feelings. I need a way of him to see that I am moving on regardless because he will not change. The reason I am asking of what exactly to say to him and what to do after is because like I said before of what he tells me so I don't move on from him and also cutting contact and ignoring him won't stop him if he wants to get a hold of me because he knows where I work and obviously where I live... I don't want it to end on bad terms I just want him to understand where I am coming from...


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  • " I need a way of him to see that I am moving on regardless because he will not change"

    Cut contact with him, PERIOD. If he contacts you, threaten to call the police.

    "I don't want it to end on bad terms "

    He lied to you and cheated on you, and has verbally abused you. And you STILL don't want it to end on bad terms? Then maybe you do deserve to be in this vicious cycle.

    Seriously, GET OUT. Cut contact with him. YOU aren't letting you break up with him.


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  • no such thing as "he won't let me break up with him", you're only stopping yourself.

    • I know I am the one that needs to break up with him, but the thing is he knows that's not what I want but I also am not going to be treated that way so then he tells me stuff and I believed him because I thought that he truly realizes and meant everything..

    • he's telling you what you wanna hear. isn't that obvious? unless he has proved to you already that he means what he said.

  • Won't let you leave? He doesn't get to make that call, if you want to go, you go.

    Block him on your phone, Facebook, whatever else. If he starts showing up at your home or workplace, tell him to leave immediately, and that if he ever comes back you'll calling the police immediately. It is illegal for him to interfere with your privacy and enjoyment of your life. If it happens at work and you don't want to face him, you could ask the security guard (if you have one) to do it for you.

    "I don't trust you, I don't want to be with you any more. I don't want to see or hear from you again. I am serious. Goodbye."

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    You're a big girl, f**k what he thinks...


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