How did this happen and how do I react?

My ex and i have 3 kids together with one on the way. I stuck with him through thick and thin. I broke up because he got into drugs. He left the state to get himself together, which he did. Now 3 months later he got married to someone. He texts me and tol me if you could stay away from drugs and come back home he would and that he loves me and wishes things could be different and that he thinks about coming home to us every day. How can this be if you chose to get married so quickly? Then the next day its we can be friends. Is it just me or does this just seem like strange behavior. If you're married why tell someone that? And then say the complete opposite the next day. I'm confused.


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  • Could the drugs be influencing his mental state, perhaps?

    • I mean he's been drug free and claims to be able to think clearer than he's ever had but then why get married so quickly? Even if she is the love of your life why would you say you think about coming home to us every day.

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