Ex girlfriend in rebound- contacts me and is angry?

So I left my ex-gf of 10 months about 6 weeks ago. After 2 weeks I realized I was upset and just needed space. I contact her and she says she is seeing someone and has been for a week. So I freak out and she completely blocks me, threatens a restraining order. I start NC and 3 weeks go by. During that time she contacts via text about 6 times (asking how I am, saying how happy she is now, what my parents think, etc.). I respond after the 4th text saying "I am well, focusing on me"... and then one more time after the 6th, my parents are good.

So then after 3 weeks of NC I reach out and say "I was reminded of you the other day when I ate at X cafe". She responded "yeah good times" we start a pleasant but short conversation and I end it saying I have to run. She says "nice talking to you, have a good day" Then in a lengthy text says nothing good will come from talking to me, she is happy with her new bf" I tell her I am happy she is happy now and wish her the best. I wish her good luck in her job promotion to which she responds "I got rid of you, you were my problem, leave me the f*ck alone". The next morning she says " I didn't want this but you pushed me away and I moved on, now I am happy". Then later that day she friends me on snapchat

So a week goes by and I accept the snapchat request. I then post a few photos publicly, one of myself. A few hours later she says she hates my photo and that it turns her off, that she has had sex with her new bf and will never go back to me" It ends with her emailing me threatening a restraining order, then taking it back it and saying she doesn't want me to remind her of me and just wants to be civil. I reply I will never contact you again- be happy. I then blocked her across all lines of communication.

Thoughts? Specifically from girls... I've been reading that no emotion is a bad thing for chances of getting back together and she is clearly displaying emotion plus rubbing her new bf in my face. What do you all think?


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  • She mad that you are happy with your life and honestly she might not be happy with hers. Why would out of the blue she sends you those mean texts it's because you not begging to be back with her that's why she acting like that.


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