I hate her tattoos. I want to break up with her but I don't know, do I seem shallow?

I can't cope with looking at her tattoos every time we are intimate or out somewhere... her whole family have tattoos and it disgusts me... it's so unattractive, I thought I could deal with it. Plus all or most of her girlfriends have tattoos as well, and she is friends with people who do drugs and have gone to prison.

We get along pretty well and at first I felt a connection but now I'm not so sure.

I know I will hurt her feelings and does it seem shallow? I've always hated tattoos. I love plain skin, the body is already beautiful enough and I don't see tattoos as artwork.


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  • You didn't see her tattoos before asking her out?
    Anyhow she seems like a piece of work. Just break up with her. Make up a story. Tell her you are not ready for a relationship. Sooner is better than later

    • No, I saw her tattoos but I thought I could ignore it, they are so unattractive.

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  • Go after a straight and narrow girl and leave the awesome one for me.


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  • Just break up with her, before you hyperventilate or something dude. Your ultimate goal is to find someone you want to be with for the rest of your life, if that isn't her no one is going to bite you in the ass about it. Break up, not only for yourself, but for her as well. The sooner you do it the quicker the both of you can find your other person :)

  • You're gonna break up with someone over tattoos?

    Well. To each their own I guess. Just do it sooner rather than later, and DON'T say it's because you're not ready for a relationship because if you find a new girl, then you'll look like an asshole.

  • She obviously is not your type. The only issue is keeping this up when it's obvious she's not!


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