I think my ex is codependent. Or is she just that immature?

My ex and I have been dating since high school. 6 years or so. We broke up a year ago and she got a rebound guy. I was hurt once I found out because I was her first. Of course they had sex and broke up after 4 months. We started dating again and we broke up again and once again she got a rebound.

6 months pass by and I finally get a girlfriend. All of a sudden we both started getting hate mail on social media (tumblr) it died down after a week and my ex messaged me and apologized for everything. Then asked why I couldn't be that good a boyfriend to her. I basically told her I don't ever se myself dating her again. We spoke like adults and she told me that she wasn't worried about guys anymore (since I guess those two broke up) after a conversation of just catching up and ending with me saying I don't want her back she runs back to the same guy she rebounded with.

My question is. Is she codependet or just plain crazy? Or anyone have a good explation?


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