Remember this question? What do you think this means?

Well. I posted things on my Twitter and he favorited the tweets. What does that mean? The tweets I posted were: To be honest... I needed this wake up call. It's been long enough. It's just time. If I don't work to do something now it will be harder on me. And then there is this one: But I'm mainly doing this for me. I've just realized it now... thank you for giving me room to grow.

The message I think by doing that makes you think hmm it is possible he still cares. If someone says leave me alone right now and then sneaks on your Twitter and reads and favorites your tweets-which lets YOU know that he read your page... that to me is not saying leave me alone for right now... it says I miss you and I might feel guilty for sending you away. I posted those to see what would happen because I thought he might look at my Twitter page. Yes he looked at my page because I did not tweet those to him. What do you think it means? Why would someone say we need a break and don't contact me until you have a job and apartment and then we will take it from there and then turn around and look at your Twitter page? It's confusing me. :(


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  • The problem you have is
    1. living with your parents
    2. living with parents who oppose your boyfriend.
    This is an impossible situation for him and he understands that the only way you can be together without outside interference is for you to become independent and away from opposition that would constantly undermine him little by little.
    He has not dumped you, but he is very wise because no matter who your boyfriend is, I think your parents will object unless they choose him for you.
    He has taken the route of least resistance not just for himself, but to see if you understand that you need to be able to make your own decisions and stand up for yourself.
    If you were with him and living at home, your parents will poison your mind against him, little by little. He knows that already. Nobody should interfere in other people's relationships. It is your life and he gives you space to realise that without dictating to you.

    • He had told me to fight for him and I did. I stood up for him. He just hasn't had time to see me because he is busy at work. Then I had told my mom that I wanted to look for a job that I could eventually make enough to live in my own apartment. She got upset and thought I was doing it entirely for him but that is not the case. I want to be more independent but I did not know how to go about it. I found a 3 year old teaching job at a daycare. It pays more than an aide at my last school. It is $10.50 an hour starting out. In 90 days it will go up to $11. From there it could go up a little more but not much. I took my application and talked with the director/owner yesterday. When I got home she called me and told me she forgot to tell me about the curriculum and that Frog Street called and asked if they found a teacher. They said yes. She offered me the position. :D I'm surprised that this happened so fast! I have 2,000 in the bank. Hopefully I can have my own place in December.

    • Relax, and let your goal and objective come to you easily. I am a parent and it is so possible to be over protective and not want your children to be independent. But this eventually becomes stifling and you must spread your wings.
      Things will start to work, always have a safety net of finance and your parents home to fall back upon, but now you must practice to fly alone in your own time. This is more natural and your parents will accept it in this way over the next months. There is no need for conflict. Enjoy your life.

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