Should I wait for her to come back to me or reach out to her?

So I dated this girl for just over a month and things were great in the beginning--talking all the time and hanging out every weekend (she lives 2 hours away)... we both admitted that we were crazy about each other. About 2 weeks ago she started to act very distant in her texting conversations (3 word answers and hours between responses). So last week while visiting her it was even more evident that she seemed distant and at times even disrespectful to me for no reason at all! Before leaving I asked her what was on her mind and long story short she said she thought we were moving too fast to which I responded we live 2 hours away from each other and only see each other on weekends... how much slower can you get? She then said she just doesn't know what she wants right now and "letting you go will probably be the biggest mistake of my life". So I left shortly after this, while she was crying her eyes out she told me that she knows I hate her now. I explained that I don't hate her and I hope in time she realizes she made a mistake and will come back to me. Later that night she texted me telling me how sorry she was and that I did nothing wrong. After a couple of back and forth texts I stopped texting her.

We haven't spoke since that night last week. Part of me says I should contact her to let her know I still want her and don't hate her (as she may think I do) while the other part of me says if she wants me she'll contact me and that by me contacting her first I'm looking desperate.

Guidance? Is she waiting for me?


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  • Wait to hear from her.
    She must have some personal issues going on.


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