Ex boyfriend is hot and cold?

My boyfriend of 4 years and i have been broken up for about a month. We talk everyday and hang out out a lot. He is very touchy with me , like he puts his arm around me , hugs me a lot ect. But he says he doesn't want to be with me. What confused me is that he asks me to sleep over and he even bought me my bday gift and said im going to love it and he can't wait to see my smile. I feel like he likes his single life freedom and having the good gf perks. :/ bc everytime we start to argue about something he makes it a point that im not his gf and have no right to care... i just want to know where i stand, should i walk away or give him sometime to miss me so he can get himself together and figure out what he wants.


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  • I'm going through the same thing me ex text me everyday. He come over and see me but when I ask him are we working on our relationship he gets all defensive and stuff. We still kiss and I realize how can wants to be with me if he already getting the gf perks. So I igno him and he went crazy he called my mom looking for me and even reached out to my aunt on Fb, to see why I'm ignoring him then he sent me a text and said you know we going to get back together and I still love you don't think otherwise. My thing is yes we need to stop talking to them so they can know what they miss.


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