Will he ever want me back if I give him time and space?

My ex boyfriend and I had been dating for almost 4years and we decided to go to different colleges which hurt me at first and also made me doubt if we were going to make it, but then he kept telling me that we were going to be okay and that he loved me. About a week before College started he decided to call our relationship off because he said that with school and not having a job to come see and the struggle with being 3hours apart that he just needed time and space to think because we needed to live our College lives with both girl and guy friends. As most girls I went ballistic and I begged for him back for about 1week and then I asked him if we could be friends and he said of course. We talked for about a month as friends but I couldn't take it and I decided to have no contact with him Which he got mad about and said why? And I said I couldn't do it so he agreed and just said okay, as long as it's not forever. He said I love you and I don't want another relationship. And I said I loved him too and that was it. About 3days in I couldn't take it and I tried calling him, but he never answered or called back so I decided to just let whatever happens happen. Do you think he's thinking of me and maybe will ever want me back? I'm moving on slowly but I will always have him in my heart, do you think he will as well?
So we are friends now, but for some reason I feel like No one is going to love me like he did. We were together all through high school and I feel like he's the only one who will ever understand me.


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  • Exactly what HollyK21 said. No one, guy or girl, wants to be with someone who appears needy. Show him how strong you are. I know, easier said than done.
    I only say this because a similar thing happened to me and I blew it by giving her too much power and control and be acting needy.

    I'm sure your thoughts are eating you up inside. If you can't seem to control them get some help or support from friends, family, therapist, whomever. Tell yourself how good you are and how strong you are. Prove it to yourself and him. He'll love you even more then.

    What he did stinks. But my saying that doesn't make you feel any better. I am truly sorry you're experiencing this. My ex girlfriend's mother once told me nothing lasts forever. She meant the breakup. But it turned out to be the relationship instead. To this day I regret trying too hard...

    Reach out to him when you feel you can or feel you really want to. Speak from the heart but don't scare him. Don't give him a reason to run away. Give him a reason to run back to you. My thoughts are with you.

    • Do you think I should stick to the NC rule for at least a month?

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    • Omg, I tried again and he answered! (: We just got finished talking and basically we both agrees that we should move on but we don't know what the future holds for us. He said that he still does have hope answer that he would be stupid to think that there isn't a chance in the future. We also decided to be best friends.

      That's how we started out. We were friends, then best friends, then bf and gf. So maybe it might happen again. We will see. I want to Thank you so much btw!

    • Glad to hear you talked and decided to be friends, and may have a possible future together. I hope you do!

      It's very kind of you to thank me. You're very welcome! Had I been told while I was going through tough times that the experience may help others someday I wouldn't have believed them. Now I know there was a reason for it. I only hope my daughters seek my advice when they get older, should they need it. : )

      Good luck to you, keep him close, and keep the faith.

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  • I think you're giving him too much power in the relationship. He shouldn't be able to "take a break", and get you back without lifting a finger. Let him miss you. And above all else, be strong. Don't give him all of urself so willingly.

    • Do you think I should stick to the NC rule for at least a month?

    • As long as it takes. He needs to approach you, but if he's coming to you with the same story and nothing has changed, then don't even entertain it. Breaking up is hard. Honestly it's as if you can feel what you were being ripped from your soul. But just because it hurts doesn't mean you should go back, especially if you know you'll get the same result.

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