Without her, I can't live?

hi myself yaswanth. actullay i am in a relationship with a girl from past 18 months, but due to some issues we breaked up (with out her notice i talk to some girl to know her character), i can't live with out her, can anyone please suggest the way to talk to her again, and getting the same trust again


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  • That's a tough one. You made your bed and now you're sleeping in it. Regaining trust is the most difficult thing to do. Often times impossible. In the girl's head will always be doubt. If you are able to get her back she'll always be guarded so she doesn't get hurt again by you.

    How do you regain her trust? Some women would never give you a second chance. But some would. What type of girl is she? If she's caring you may be able to appeal to her sense of decency and care for you. If she's matter of fact about things you won't be able to get her to even hear your side of the story. I've dealt with both types. I hope she's the caring type.

    Talk to her. Whole heartedly admit your mistake. Ask for forgiveness. Don't beg for it, or for her. That turns girls off. Above all, speak from your heart not from your head. Good luck!


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