Holding out hope, or something else?

My ex deleted my number, we aren't friends on Skype anymore, he won't reply to any of my text/Skype messages, but he hasn't blocked me on either one like before. When we did talk he would always be short with me, and say he didn't care about me or what I did.
Is he holding out hope for us, or seeing if I'll continue to pursue him? We've been broken up for over a year, but we always tend to re-communicate in some fashion.


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  • He wants you to pursue him. But I personally don't see the point of it anymore, a friend told me, "Would you really be able to just hug and kiss after all you've been through and all you've said and all you've given her and even giving her years of your life?" and that made me realize, no. I mean as much as it (the relationship and the person meant to me) and as forgiving as I'd want to be. I'd just feel, cheated, used, and taken for granted.

    I had to use an example more So to indirectly answer your question. Sorry.

    • I guess I came off as blunt. But I do feel like life is too short and precious to not love fearlessly. I want that, the care, undivided attention, the appreciation, and, just, fearless love.

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    • Hey, you doing alright? Thanks for MHO.

    • You're welcome, and about him? Haven't talked to him in over a week. :|

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  • Not sure but why waste your time over someone like that? move on to a guy thats stable and will love you

    • You have a point. I just wanted to understand why he's leaving, essentially, a way for us to have some sort of contact. Even if he'll never contact me first.

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    • You're very welcome. Good Luck with what your looking for

    • Thank you.

  • You dont need a little boy, you need a man


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