Missing my ex.. should I wait?

Eactly three years ago I broke up with my ex cause we didn't see each other much and I was an immature high school student.

I'm nearly done with college and my ex and I are on good terms so we always talk. We recently just met up to celebrate his birthday. But the thing is he has a girlfriend.

He shared a drinks and dish with me at the restaurant. Then kept mentioning the past..

I'm not sure if I should hold on or not. I'm not trying to home wreak. I was just gonna wait it out.


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  • Think about him before you think about yourself, i. e. wanting a relationship.

    Support him and his relationship with his girlfriend. He's with her, because he wants to be. Don't count on them breaking up, regardless if their relationship might seem good or bad to you.

    You are a complete, awesome, and WHOLE person without being in a relationship, including with him. Just live your life, go, and be the best person that you can be. Though it might be years, the right person will eventually take notice :)

    I wish you well!


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  • Whether or not, it's an "EX" from the past or even a guy you met on the street today, if someone is already in a relationship, it's hands off. And with you both 'On good terms,' for now keep it light and semi sweet. He may in his own mind be having second thoughts with his other half and may Also-----Be reminiscing the Missing the Kissing in the back of his mind as he is 'Mentioning the past' with you.
    Be friends for now. Wait on the sidelines if you think there just Might be a change of heart and another plan of direction. However, the one thing to think about is even if they split and went in their own 'Direction' tomorrow, what guarantee is there that they just Might-----Celebrate his birthday next year?
    Good luck. xx


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