Morbidly sad when I know I shouldn't be?

Long story short, got screwed over by a jerk, he was my first everything and was the first official guy who continued to pursue me even in difficult situations. I knew thungs were going to end badly so i had my guard up, partially, thought i would fall for him but i did. He ended it (in an unofficial crappy way) still talks to me, calls me pet names, but then ignores me.
Gahh maybe me and relationships were never meant to be. I know it's not a question but thought itll be nice to share my crappy feelings with the world so i can get back to my studies for upcoming exams :(


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  • It shows ONE thing; that your feelings were genuine.
    It sucks to fall for the wrong person, or loose love. BUT it tells you one thing, you're capable of genuinely loving someone. It'll hurt that he dumped you, but you'll forget him.
    And don't be afraid to love again, mkay?

    • Awww your comment made me teary
      Thank you
      I guess i'll just have to let time deal with things

    • It's the truth. And yeah, give yourself some time to deal with things (just don't put normal life on a halt), then when you're ready, start looking for a guy :)
      And learn from this breakup

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  • I'm sorry for your pain, untitled, but there IS and always will Be---A jerk in every corner of the world. Let this be a lesson in love that you can't wear your heart on your sleeve and to keep things lite in and semi sweet until you see what is Really on the other end.
    Many guys today are sporadic and unpredictable and even get scared and grow cold duck feet when feeling fluttered inside of getting into a Real relationship. This bird just proved who he really was, showing his sour ball bad taste that didn't fly big with you.
    The best thing to do is Cut off all contact with him. This will make it easier to move on, to concentrate on any of your studies now and tomorrow, and with not being able to make it so easy for him to continue down a beaten path of playing with your head and heart, this will seal his fate once and for all.
    Good luck, God bless... Out of mind, out of sight, Delete him in every possible way today.
    Good luck with the exams. Like these, you can Pass any test, especially the test of time. xxoo

    • AWWW thank you so much for your kind words Paris13, from having focussed more on my studies, he has definitely been off my mind and set things clear for me and what i actually want in life which lead me to realise, there are better things so be sad about than some jerk
      Once again thank you for the reply and advice :)

    • Oh, I'm so happy for you and you're so welcome, sweetie... And Thank You for just making my day on this rainy day that I just woke up to... xxoo

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  • We all go through this. Unfortunately it's a tuff part of life. I'm still hurting from my last breakup but life goes on. You will find another and you will be happy for it. Chin up- concentrate on bettering yourself and life will get better. Look for joy and smile and it will come to you. :) good luck!!


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