How to make her "win" the breakup?

Ok so, there was an unofficial break up between me and a girl, a loss of contact, then we communicated because of me and my stupidity, and now we need a real breakup because I know it's the best thing to do.

I'm the jerk of the story, and she is a great girl. We might go back together one day in a year or more, or never, but now we need to break up. I have more experience than her, and I am emotionally stronger (I'm a jerk) than her. How do I proceed so that she "owns" the break up and feel like she won? To make her realize she is better off without me? She's fragile and is going through an important part of her career, I can take it for both of us.

I had this weird and wrong idea of cheating or pretending to cheat on her, so that she has reasons to hate me? I also thought of turning miserable and beg during the break up, but I'm actually worried she could give in to my pathetic whining. Any other ideas to make her definitely "win"?


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  • You won't. Tell her you want to talk things throug, and get it all setled. You want to make sure there are no loose ends. That talk is what makes her "win".

    Be 100% honest about how you feel, how you feel like the bad guy, and all. With all cards on the table and everything talked through, tell her honestly that if she wants to not see you again, so be it. Make her understand you'll respect her decission, and that it is your fault. That is how she win. By having her able to walk away, knowing YOU realized it was your fault!


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