Ways to help with the pain and lonliness of a breakup?

What works for you? What have you done? And what do you recommend to me? We've been living together for a few years so it's definitely hard seeing him go. Although I know this is for the best, it still sucks. I don't deal with pain combined with lonliness well, lol, but who does?


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  • There is unfortunately no pill or anything that cures this. With that said, there are some things you can use this time to do. You can do you all the things you've wanted to do for quite some time. Read that book, watch that movie, take those courses. Use this time to get to know you better, try new things and discover the world out there.

    I know it's hard and sometimes you'll want to curl up and cry. That's okay too, allow yourself those few moments where you can clear your mind and cry your heart out.

    • Ah. Thank you.

    • It's also good to actually feel pain. It makes you aware of what is important to you and what you want in your life. It doesn't have to be all negative.

      You'll be fine. Good luck!

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  • Ditto to what J-bird said. But if the pain and loneliness ever seem to be too much, seek support from where you can, family, friends, or even a counselor. Sometimes it helps just to talk about it.

  • just ; go out with your girl friends , get drunk to your heart content , go to male strip clubs, wandering in the rain , or anything that can make you to distract your mind from him..


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  • What I like to do is look up break up quotes as well as moving on quotes it may sound weird but Ialways find really good quotes on there that make me stop and think "hey thats so true!" And I feel much better afterwards also I always try and think of it as a sign that maybr my ex is just trying to help me out and make room for someone else thats going to love me and appreciate me more better than he ever did or could someone that ill love even more than I loved him. ... think of it like that

    • Have any quotes for me to dwell on?

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    • 0: !! I like that one. Thank you! <3

    • No problem I hope you heal soon

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