What should I do about all his clothes?

I dated this boy for 4 months, and he broke up with me for the stupidest reasons ever... it feels like he still wants to work things out, he still in a relationship on his social media accounts, and he still has all our photos, but I don't know I feel like he needs to just come pick up his damn clothes so I should I call him about it? Or just drop them off at his house?, why does he not want to come pick them up?


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  • Lol @ indy7 :). Anyway, he called it off, and from what you're saying - pointless reasons. No point going out of YOUR way to be civil. He hasn't already collected them so it's his own fault when they're either burned or thrown out. He's probably too busy with this other relationship he is probably in, jumping straight from you to her that he didn't need to change his relationship status on said social sites. These status' count for jack anyway. Cause nothing but problems. Four months is nothing, and plenty more months in your life to find a man who is not a complete douche canoe.

    • lol, no I wouldn't burn his clothes holaay ever crazy!😂... but yeah, I really have no idea if he is in another relationship, he could be but I really don't care considering I'm getting into another one also... but he has made his decisions so I guess I have the choice to either donate them or just throw em away👌

    • You go girl. I hope this new man is the one for you. Sorry for the late reply - don't get on here much! ;)'

    • lol it's g, and yeah things have been going pretty good so far!:)

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  • The break up might not be final for him. If you really want to end it and everything with it, you can take all his clothes and dump it at his house.

  • Just wear them. Clothes are expensive. When they're all worn out then drop them off at his house.

  • Stick them in a box or something and shove them in the corner/closet/garage.


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