Should I just go for it?

my ex and i broke up around more than 2 months ago. the break up wasn't what I would explain as worth it or really a good decision really. things were rough on both of our lives that didn't have anything to do with each other and we just pushed each other away. the break up wasn't rough or bitter, just kind of mutual and i wanted out because i was fed up with outside sources.

at first we would avoid eachother but lately he's been acting like himself around me, teasing and laughing and talking to me and whatnot. at least he's friendly so there are no hard feelings. but sometimes i feel awkward around him, like ill avert eye contact or if he sits by me i won't talk to him just because im awkward.
but i still like him!

I wanna know if he is still into me, but out of anger I said i wouldn't date him again to one of our mutuals and im sure it got around to him.
im nervous about asking him about it though. are there any ways for me to warm up to him and test the waters? or should i just go for it?


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  • You can act non-awkward and start being friendly, you know, actually having fun with the guy first. If that is hard to do /because/ you like him, I'd say just go for it and talk to him about it. It's only been two months and you stated that it wasn't really a break up because the two of you couldn't work things out, but at that time, simply didn't.

    • yeah you're right. its not awkward because i like him, just because... well, i dont know. im probably over analyzing things. but thank you i'll see what happens! ill be friendly

  • Since there was no animosity and you still seem to get along, maybe you should test the waters a bit by hanging out with him more and seeing if you still feel the spark?

    • that sounds like a good idea :) thank you!

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