Ex I live with walked out in his underwear? Other weird behavior?

I find this strange. Just something you don't do when you're broken up? I wouldn't walk out in my bra and underwear.. We still live together. We have a child. We barely talk. But he will ask where I'm going when I leave. Just weird small things. Our anniversary is soon too, or what was. He wants to break up cuz Of something I did in the very beginning of our relationship. I broke up with my ex and he came along to date me and I was torn between them. It's been almost 4 years now. We were engaged. Before hand he talked about wanting a second child and to just go get married.. So I don't get what's going on. So help?


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  • Hahahahahahaha, stupid redneck walking out in his y-fronts!!. Hahaha!! Sorry :P


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