About my ex why is he so jealous after a year?

I saw an ex boyfriend recently, and he's moved on to someone new. I'm happy for him, but he found out I was talking to new people and he started getting extremely jealous. Well he's been making up a lot of outrageous lies, and then blames it on everyone else. He mentioned still having feelings for me, what is going on. If he claims to not want anything with me why be jealous, and why still want to hang around me after he was supposedly going to block my number? I even told him I wasn't trying to get back with him, and he makes it seems as if other people in his family are trying to get us back together. Yet he is the one who doesn't know what the hell he wants, I'm so confused.


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  • its normal for ex's to be jealous even after some time has past , there is no time limit for how long it takes to get over someone

    • Well I waited a year before speaking with anyone else, and he jumped on to another girl after 2 months. Yet that's why I don't understand why he's so jealous, I mean clearly it didn't hurt him to move on after 2 months. He said well you left me what was I supposed to do just wait for you. Then his aunt told me today that he said he was going to spend the next 3 weeks with me, or whatever. She said he is probably jealous, because he expected me to wait for him if something happened between him and his new girlfriend.

    • there is really no reason to wait at all , you've broken up and are free to see other people , you don't owe him something or some reason you shouldn't be seeing other people

    • It's like he wants me to feel guilty for moving on, I didn't make him feel guilty for doing what he did. I never told him to wait for me, and now that he sees I'm happy and not caring if he is with someone new he goes out of his way to make me jealous lmao.

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