I really miss my ex but don't have any way to contact her or sure what to do if anything?

I had though I might run into her this weekend as she's usually around for holiday weekends here as she comes home from school and I've often seen her and gf's at local pub but no sign of her at all. I actually haven't seen her at all in person since July and its starting to get to me and I miss her a lot. if I had seen her at pub I had just planned on talking to her and seeing what she was up to not like try and get back together.

I also don't have any way to contact her as she's only on 1 social networking site I know of and she blocked me on it and I wouldn't feel comfortable calling parents # as they really don't seem to like me and I only have an old cell # for her that might not even work and she also blocked my texts when we weren't getting along. I feel the situation is getting hopeless


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  • she has been giving you clear sign she is not interestead, and going to were she hangs out, you are borderlining stalking her. leave her be.

    • its a small town so there is really only 1 bar to go to this time of year. I don't think being there would be that unusual or that I'd be there only trying to see her. I never even saw her or her gf's this weekend sort of odd as usually there around but didn't see them

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  • If you are sure she loved u anf only blocked you because she was sad , then i suggest next time when u meet one of hrt friends , ask them for her number and call her , she might miss u as well

  • Just leave her alone dont just call her because you are missing her , she is probably feeling better after what you did with her so just stay away and dont contact her.


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