My ex boyfriend, who I love, tells me he honestly loves me? Help please!?

About three months ago, my boyfriend, who I am still madly in love with broke up with me. I was broken and im still hurt but I've learned and grown from it. That isn't the problem.

About three weeks after he broke up with me, he told me he loves me. From then its been a big rollercoaster basically. He tells me he loves me honestly and truly and I believe him. For about a good month after he told me he has feelings for me its been a lot of ups and downs. Things like "What are we" and "we are just friends right?" , i'd cry, we kiss, and "I love you baby". It was confusing but he doesn't mention it anymore. Its been about a month since the last time he's asked what we were. He tells me he loves me multiple times a day.

Right now he tells me how lucky he is to have me and really sweet things. the problem i have is that he hasn't asked to be my boyfriend yet. he has given me some reasons such as " I need to focus on school" "I dont know what i want" "i dont want to start drama". I said i accepted his reasons and I understand it. I really do. I dont feel like he's using excuses. I've told him exactly how i felt without leaving anything behind and I help him study and try my hardest to be his "girlfriend" and sometimes he referrers to me as his girlfriend.

I am in love with him and I know he is too. What do I do? It really hurts and I've told him that and he tells me it hurts him too. How do I continue to approach this?


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  • meet him the sonner possible. both tell each other how you feel! you might get back together


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  • he seem to be stringing you along, if you feel uncomfortable then say that and you kinda want to be in relationship, is he come up with exscuses then say you do not want to wait.


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  • You two need to set things straight


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