Men/ Women who cheat on their girl/boyfriend/wife/husband do they tend to live happy lives after they cheated on their spouse with the other person?

So do people who cheat on, lead others on, left their significant other after cheating tend to live happy lives.. meaning nothing bad happens to them because of their actions (like karma, what goes around type of deal) while their spouse or significant other has to pick up the pieces of a broken heart. Do any of you have stories of people who have cheated who "got theres" so to speak or did not? Thank you for your answers.
  • Yes, they do live happy lives... There is no karma.
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  • No, they don't live happy lives... There is karma.
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Sorry for those of you who do have diff. belief systems when I put "there is or is not karma" on the poll I really mean is there consequences or no consequences for their actions. Karma just seemed like a easier word to use. sorry about that.


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  • My husband cheated on me and I ended the marriage. He ended up with the girl he cheated on me with. Six months in, she walked out on him saying she couldn't trust him because she felt that if he cheated on me, he would cheat on her. He actually did cheat on her with me (and I enjoyed every minute of it). On top of her leaving him, she was pregnant with someone else's baby (she had cheated on him, as well). He was devastated... Not only because she cheated and left, but he also lost my trust, therefore he lost me too. So yes, karma is a bitch. He's yet to find a woman who makes him truly happy.


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  • You can't really call it Karma (karma technically means 'action' in hindu I forgot which one means fruit of action). But it is a terrible lifestyle. I've heard of tons of cheating stories and none of them really have happy endings.
    There was this guy I sorta know, who had sex with a married woman. She ended up getting pregnant and around that time her husband died serving in the military. After that happened, the person married that woman. To make long story short, it was a miscarriage and the guy was in deep misery blaming all of the things he did. That's a very abbreviated version and you might find ways around it saying that it's not related to cheating, but if he did things differently, non of that would have happened and his conscience would not torment him over it. A miscarriage is a terrible thing, but that, mixed with a bad conscience REALLY took a tole on him.
    I've heard of a woman who was cheating on her bf and in order to silence her conscience,(that's what my take on it is) she went to the experts for help, accusing her bf of cheating. I don't remember all the details but in the end after swearing and explaining everything to her in detail, he got a bit suspicious himself and so he had her take a paternity test and found out that 3 of their kids were not his. So even though she didn't confess to him privately, bad news ended up finding their way into public circles which made things even worse.
    One of my blood relatives cheated on her husband and I won't say what happened, but like the great majority of people she only regrets it and would not have done so if she had a chance to relive that part of her life.

  • No. People who cheat live miserable lives due to their infidelity. It eats at them... They betrayed one they said, at some point, that they loved.

    It is bad outside of marriage, but it is devastating inside of marriage.

    Your soul, and heart are torn from the person you said you would spend the rest of your life with, and it is put onto a person you happen to fancy.

    After the act, your mind actually will begin to look for someone even better than *that* person, and better, and better. Meanwhile your mate will mean less and less, and because God is real (I do not believe in Karma) their soul will wither.

    No, cheating almost guarantees misery.

  • It really depends, you can't say everything bad that happens to them happened because they cheated. Life happens...

    • I never really stated anything. :). Thank you for your answer I get what you mean.

  • i doubt it. most people who cheat are always miserable and never at peace with their inner self. so no matter how many times they cheat they will never get any better. but they could get worst though


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  • I don't believe that they do. Sooner or later the secret gets out, others take sides. That's the way it happened with mt uncle who cheated on my aunt. He's my Dads brother, our family doesn't have much to do with him, even thought they have been divorced for years our family still treats her as my aunt we are closer to her than him. #SoSad

  • They're human like anyone else and maybe things were going on in their relationship that caused them to stray. They might be able to make amends with their partner and move forward and be happy. They or their partner might continue making the same mistakes too and eventually the relationship will run it's course. Relationships are two way streets so you have to look at both sides of the story before quickly casting judgement.

  • It sure does seem that way. I've had a handful of experiences where the cheater or person having done wrong moves on and seems perfectly happy while u feel stuck in the same place they left you. It doesn't seem fair or makes sense. But I do believe karma works it's way around eventually, maybe not right away, but it always prevails.

    • Sometimes it is hard to see if the person that cheated on you or anyone else will suffer the same hurt as they gave you. One thing I learned and the most hardest thing ever to learn is day by day you have to forget them and love your self and make your self happy. We can not control other peoples actions but our own (this is a real eye opener statement for me when my friend told me this). He always told me that people change all the time the only person that you can see change or won't change is your self.

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