We've kind of ended on bad terms, but what can I say if I text him out of the random?

So we and this boy broke up a while ago and I totally stopped talking to him and blocked his number but I guess he tried texting me. Anyways he apparently doesn't know why I've stopped talking to him but anway... We've texted like once for five minutes nothing much. And I just really want to try and be friends again, how can I just out of the random text him? And I want to say something along the lines as "I want to try and be friends again, we cool?" Or something like that. I don't know help me on what to say! Thank (:


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  • If you want to be in his life again, I think you should explain to him why you stopped talking to him, not that you owe him an explanation, but it would help clear the air and provide a clean slate for a new friendship without any unanswered questions or concerns on his part.

    • So what should I text him or say?

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    • It may be "too much" but its also needed.

    • and you're welcome :)

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