How do I forget her?

Any tips how faster to forget the girl i really liked? And no another gf is not an option. Thanks for advice's.


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  • Getting over someone you love can be hard to forget. You just have to move on, and the only way you can do that is to either distract yourselves in other activities such as sports or cooking, make goals and try to achieve them, help someone (their simile will make it worth it) and just be optimistic... try to exculde the person from you life as much as possible, but dont hate them... over time you'll feel better.. it takes time to get used to someome not being their, but we have to learn to live without them. Be patient


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  • Instead of being miserable, try engaging in activities that make you happy. Also, whenever you feel really down and about, go exercise. Go for a run, go to the gym etc. It's good to work away the pent up negativity and frustration, and a healthy body houses a healthy mind.

    Good luck


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  • Why do you want to forget her?

    • Its kinda difficult situation... I like her and she likes me, well at least that's what i think (she says that she cares about me, helps me with my work and etc. but never says that she would like to hang out or be together) She has bf, but they are not doing very well and she doesn't want open to me, doesn't show interest to me as a guy, I don't want to be a shoulder friend on which one she could cry out. So I decided I have to forget her , but whenever im alone I always think how we are together and etc. Excuse me for my bad English.

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    • I will try do my best, thanks for your time and help. I really appreciate that. :)

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