I cheated on my girlfriend! How do I get closure from her?

She was the love of my life.. though she changed and i felt like i didn't belong anymre.. i met someone during tht time and slpt with this grl i met... i told my grlfreind i had cheated on her.. thus to say we broke up.. two months now she met a new guy there gf bf now.. my question how can i get real closure from her? she's in my dreams.. constantly in my thoughts and can't help but feel anger to this new guy she with.. please hlp im goin crazy can't eat can't slp and wen i thnk of her with him i cringe and shivers dwn spine..


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  • I think she is not your dream girl. Neither other one.
    You cheated for whatever reason. Trust me it doesn't really matter.
    You just feel guilty, because you realized it was wrong what you have done. You don't love her. You can't heal her pain. You can't build same trust. You are feeling lonely. But she is not your answer.

    Let this girl go. She is about to create her own life. Let her. If you really love and respect her, let her be happy. Even it means your break up.

    Don't do this again. It is not excuse to cheat. If you feel change in your partner, you ask, you don't cheat. This is how relationship works. There is no single reason for cheating. Such reason doesn't exist.


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  • You can't just go around cheating because you assume she is. Maybe she had some issues going on at work, etc. that she was dealing with and it just seemed like she was pushing you away. Even if she was cheating, two wrongs don't make a right. I realize you were honest with her and that took a lot of courage, but you need to let her go and move on. Closure will only come when you accept it. Besides, if she moved on, there's your closure. Leave her alone.

  • Deal with it now. You cheated, now you lost her and now pleading for help. No.

  • You're just going to have to let go and try to stop thinking about her. You made the decision to cheat which often causes the end of a relationship because it is so hard for the other person to forgive and trust again. She has a new boyfriend so she has moved on with her life and will most likely never come back to you. I think you need closure from yourself rather than her and you could get it by accepting the fact that the relationship really is over and that its not the end of the world. You will meet someone else, just don't make the mistake of cheating on the next girl too.

  • ur a d-bag, sorry. she owes you nothing... you thought she was cheating, or slipping away so you went and cheated on her? WOW. LOW. Sorry but you don't deserve any closure. You've got to move on now, on your own.

  • She doesn't owe you anything. You cheated. She has a new life now.

    You gotta learn to deal with this quikt inside yiu and eventually let it go. But you should do it on your own. Don't bother her

    • Guilt*

    • I get that but four years together unseprable best freinds.. then she treated me like i was nthnk to her.. which made me thnk she was cheatn i became cnfused were i stood and did what i did i made a mistake and no id never do it again.. i felt guilty thts why i told her because we strtd to find the old spark we lost guess thts why i can't full closure frm her.. but u rght i need to suck it up and move on wish it were tht easy though everyday since I've tried and she's always creeps bck in my mind.. somedays are better than others.. i guess i jst gta gve it time.. thanks for ur advice..

    • Give it a time and most importantly, give up on her. You are never going to get back together.
      Move on without her. She might forgive you some day, but you can't count on that. She might not forgive you. But forgive yourself, you have learned from your mistakes. Dont do this to another girl anymore.

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