Hypothetical question about your ex-es, love and death?

My question goes like this:
Suppose you and all you ex-es were in a plane that was going to crash and there were parachutes for each of you, but you had the information that one of them had a defect and migh not function well. Which of them would you give that parachute knowing that chances were high that that person would die? Or would you save the life of all your ex-es and keep that parachute for yourself? What would be the reasons of your choice? Did you ever love the person that you would choose to die?

(Suppose that you current partner wasn't on that plane.)


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  • I'd rip apart a couple airplane seat belts, put together a makeshift double harness, and share one of functioning parachutes with the lightest of my ex's which only weighs 95lbs. Everyone will live.


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  • I'd just throw the parachutes in a pile, close my eyes and pick one. The rest can pick theirs however they want. Fair is fair :)


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  • Id just go down with the plane.. or take the defected one.. couldnt live with myself knowing i let them die..


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