I don't understand how he just moved on and forgot and I wish I could move on too, plus knowledge from Instagram is killing me?

I met this man, he was in a failing relationship w his ex moving out. We met and it was amazing from day 1, like meeting a true kindred spirit. They broke up, and for six months we were in one another's life. I loved him deeply. He's also very popular/successful, very charismatic and funny, a huge flirt, but a very honest guy. Six months into it he left me and went back to her, them having unresolved issues, I understood, it sucked but I understood. In his fair well letter to me he said "we'll probably meet again someday but for now I have to leave it alone." One month later he emailed he still wanted to be friends (after my request can we at least be friends) but he didn't know how to pursue it. Two months after that I was in his neighborhood so sent a text seeing if he felt like meeting up. He didn't respond, and then next day liked a photo on Instagram, the picture contained symbolism directly relevant to our relationship and the caption said "danger is right around the corner." So I figured, great, he views me as danger now, maybe because he doesn't want to be tempted, because he's still trying to be a good boyfriend to her. Sucks but understood. But then, like, 3 weeks later, thanks to Instagram knowledge, it's pretty much confirmed there's a new girl in the picture, and she wrote a song about him? How she's been waiting for him so long and now she's so happy. This is all eating me up. But my question is, I don't get it, I got when he went back to his ex, but I thought he still carried a torch for me as well. What we experienced together was incredibly passionate. But is he like that w every girl? I don't get how if he's seeing other people again, how I'm not one of them. I know that sounds sad, but my heart is still broken. I deleted Instagram from my phone this morning, who knows how long that will last. The posts about his ex didn't upset me, but knowledge of a new girl is killing me. Help. Can't get him out of me head. He was different.


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  • Sorry to say this honey, but he's not different. He was only looking for the next best thing. He went back to his ex because he still loves her, not because of unresolved issues. And he moved on to another girl looking for the next best thing again. Chances are, he's gonna go back to his ex again. This girl won't last either. You need to let this guy go. You're better than that. You deserve better. Good luck sweetie. I wish you the best.


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