We still live together, he came home late in the morning, and weird stuff happened. Help?

So after almost 4 years he decided he doesn't want to be in our relationship any because of something that happened in the very beginning before we were even official but I still wanted to be honest. Well we were engaged, we have a child, still live together, sleep in the same bed with child in the middle most nights, and rarely speak. He came home last night really late, clearly drunk, and laid down from a wedding and clearly went out after. I was still awake because I naturally worry about him when he doesn't come home. After about ten minutes I got up to go around the house and wind myself down. When go to lay back down he reaches across, grabs my arms, and pulls me towards him. I starting freaking out. Not cuz I don't want him but I just didn't understand why it was happening when he seemed so adamant. I kept say what are you doing? Whys going on? Do you know who I am? Who you're touching? He kept dying come here baby, lay down, come here. I pulled away and turned he light out and I'm sure looked like a deer in headlights and I just asked what just happened? He said I was just trying to lay down. I said but you were already laying down and you grabbed me. Did you know it was me? He just kept saying sorry I was just trying to lay down. I asked him he was trying to grab our child to pull him closer, he said yes to my suggestion of what was going on and rolled over. I know he was drunk but I don't see how he mistakes me for our kid when I'm much bigger/ talking to him while it happened? I just don't understand what happened. I went in the other room and cried. It made me sad. And it won't leave my mind. I don't want to ask about it because I wonder if he will even remember it. Can someone help me interpret this?
by the way he knew about what he wants to break up over since the beginning. I never hid it.


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  • He lied, he wasn't reaching for your child. Just wanted to agree with what you said so he wouldn't have to explain. Odds are he wanted to have sex with you


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  • He knew what he was doing. I agree with "justaskme88" he just didn't want to get into it with you. Sex was what he wanted. And he doesn't want out because of what happened before you got together. He's just using that as an excuse. He would've dumped you a long time ago, if that were true. He's just looking for a way out for some reason. As far as him trying to hold onto you, sex sex sex. Don't read into it too much. I did that once and got my heart broken even worse.


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  • Maybe u should confront him and ask him about it if its smth that hurts u :(


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