How do I tell him that I dont want to be with him anymore? He lives with me help!!!?

So we rushed into things, and we have been dating for 4 months but the first month everything was fine I was happy and I felt like he was a gift to me for all the A hole guys I've dealt with. So we agreed that he would move in with me... well now he is here and he gets on my nerves to no end. Everything he does everything he says annoys me. I don't want him touching me half the time, nor do I want to cuddle in bed with him. I feel so bad because he does really love me and he doesn't feel that way about me? I don't know when I started feeling this way but I do know why I feel this way. And its hard enough that he lives with me so im going to have to kick him out. And Im not to sure that he has anywhere to go. But I just can't stand him anymore.


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  • Being it has only '4 months' and counting, sweetie, the best thing you can do to end the madness Is---Sit him down and face him 'Down' with what you are feeling.
    Open lines of convo are one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship. And by jumping the gun by letting him move in lock, stock and barrel, now you have to do the most humane and mild manner of a motion of getting him Out like a bat out of hell.
    Explain to him that you don't think this is working and that you miss your space, your privacy. He will most likely have a broken nose, a broken heart, but it is better to let him know where you stand Now than to let it go any further, having it fly South later on, making it even more eerie And Inevitable That------He may not be the right Prince charming for you.
    Good luck. xx

    • okay thanks so much sounds so easy but I know he will fight me on whatever I say because one quality that I realized is that he is so immature, and a complete idiot.

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    • haha I love yes that's exactly what needs to be done.

    • Yes, and when it is "Done," settle back, relax in the comfort of your own domain, happy to have learned a lesson from this little Lock, stock and barrel experience here. xx

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  • Best thing is always to be honest and up front with the guy; sit him down and tell him exactly how you feel, you owe him that much.
    Glad you realize you rushed into things but the other mistake you made in my opinion is letting this go on for months while you "can't stand him"? Unless this guy has been a complete douche to you--which I'm doubting based off your question--you should feel pretty shitty stringing him along like this for what I'm assuming is weeks or months.

    • Well I do feel bad but I didn't know I was stringing him along it wasn't my purpose yah know. But thank you I will sit him down and talk to him.

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  • Tell him to get the f out. He is not needed anymore.
    At least give him a newspaper/website with some apt ads or something though.

    • I don't think I can be that blunt or heartless... omg its so much his income that at first he made it appear to me that he could handle his ish... then I realize he can barely put gas in the car. And he does have th money he doesn't put it aside so much for a apt search for him he is going to have to go back home. ughhh

  • The honeymoon phase wore out? Sit down and tell him, this is not working out. If the worse comes of it, get a place of your own.

    • its my place I let him move in but thank you ; )

    • Help him find a place to move in to! I'm sure he has no choice but to accept your request.

  • 'I'm sorry, but you really need to move out'

    • yah its my place so im going to have to kick him out

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