Musical chairs advice on best friend dating and divorce?

i got involved with with a guy i like/loved right after me and my husband wanted a divorced myself and my husband spited so this guy really helped me, his best friend (girl) then went for my husband. and myself and my husband decided we where gonna try for the 34th time. it failed after 2 weeks as his on extreme drugs. i started seeing this guy again we both have deep feelings for each other. next moment he tells me his whit his best friend i tell him not to contact me it was a shock as i didn't expected it as she was
dating another guy. I've been with my husband for long but rehab and kids and all that its the worst part of my life. but this guy i loved. you think it can last long that relationship whit him and his friend? i ask this knowing that im prob gonna wait for this guy. might sound like im jumping but i dont. he know this woman sleeps with everyone. i guess I've hurt him trying again with my husband. the reason is this guy doesn't work and in the months together he didn't try even tho i encouraged him. he said he went for her cause i dont want a serious relationship. i have told him we can't be serious because he doesn't take life serious. so doing this split from my husband it feels like if i can't date that guy ill stay single. i dont wana be in a relationship. how long should one stay single?


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  • Don't wait. Its obvious the guy doesn't care about you if he left you for his friend.


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