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My ex and i decided to end our relationship about 6 months ago. We were together all of the first year of university, and then broke up just before the summer because it would be long distance. he broke up with me and cried the entire time, but he cried much harder, and much more than I did. Since we've been broken up we talk anywhere from 1-4 times a week. All summer he told me he missed me, but he was worried about breaking up again if we got back together in the future. He told me that everything reminds him of me, and that the idea of me being with someone else kills him. He texts me pictures of things that i might like, and always sends me songs he thinks i would like. I do think he still cares about me, but i'm not sure if he wants to get back together. He hasn't spoken to me in about a week now though. Does he want me back or is he just messing with me?


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  • I def wouldn't say he is messing with you cuz that's a lot of work to put into something for nothing. Have you been playing hard to get or something? Cuz it almost seems like he is trying to win you over again.

    • its hard to say whether i've been doing that or not. It might come across that way because i think i have my guard up a bit because i don't really know what he's wanting out of this. what do you think i should do?

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    • okay so do you think i should text him or should i wait it out a little to see if he texts me? I do really wanna meet and talk with him face to face at some point.

    • If you really want to see him again then it's on you to initiate it

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  • your relationship with him is just like me and my ex. im just like your ex boyfriend. he really wants you back. he is the romantic type like me. yes! we cry about our loved ones and we are not crybabes. my god this is exactly my relationship with my ex. he loves you!

    • what do you suggest i do? thank you for your feedback!

    • im 15 so you might think "why should i believe a young boy?" anyways dont you think you guys should meet? summer passed. no distance anymore. why not get back together? you guys only broke up for the summer am i right?

    • i dont believe thats the case but he would be really idiot and assh0le if he broke up with you cause maybe he find another woman. but in my mind its just not right. finding another woman and saying those things to you? what im saying is i believe he loves you. but you must ALWAYS be prepared for the worst case even if it will never happen. im saying this just for you to avoid a worse pain. but dont overthink things just from my words ok?

  • he's an emotional type guy but i reckon that he will get over you as soon as he finds someone like you, just my opinion.

  • Same wid me too... Just go for him


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