Why he moved on so quickly?

anyone know about a Rebound Relationship? after 2 weeks we broke up. i found out he date new girl, now we broke up for 5 weeks, why exbf moved on so quickly to new girl? we had a great time and just because of arguing and some troubles then broke up, with me its normal and happens with all couple, can learn each other by time, but he didn't think so


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  • Sorry to hear that. I broke up with a girl and my friend saw her on a dating website the next day!

    • i understand your feeling, but my situation is worse

    • He would have been thinking about leaving for some time and used the fights as an easy way out. Do things that make you happy. A new guy will see you being happy and ask you out :) Give it some time you will feel better soon!

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  • Was he supposed to just nope around all day? I mean he is not your man anymore so it doesn't matter who he is with.

    • *mope around

    • thank you but i mean i know clearly about him and we had a stable relationship, just because i made some mistakes made him sad, then he moved on so quick, i dont know what i should do now

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  • The best way to get over one girl / guy dumping you is to move on to another.


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