Is it pethetic that I lied to my ex saying that I have a girl in my life while I don't have anyone since we broke up?

We met online , we met once in reality , we were talking 24/7 , i couldnt be with anyone after her i dont know why , when i talked she was already moved and dated two other people while i didn't , so i told her that what happened between us wasn't love because i didn't want to look as a loser following her around she said i dont know about that but i miss my days with you , she asked me if there is anyone in my life i told her i have , i made her feel like i want her as a friend , i dont want to look like a loser with her is it bathetic?


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  • Just a little bit. You shouldn't lie because if she finds out and you get caught, then you are going to be a heck of a lot embarrassed.

  • Its not pathetic, you're just afriad! Be honest, that always works. Dont be afraid


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