Why when you're bound to moving on. That's when the past starts to come to mind.,, your past relationship etc?

I mean I like the guy that I am with. However I am tend to compare with my ex. And think of my ex. Mind you I am honestly totally over him. I don't know why now that my life is moving on better than ever, 'now I am getting nostalgic is this ok? Let alone normal


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  • If this ex has made the biggest impact on your life, then yes, you're going to compare other experiences to that one until you find one that can top it. But no one can be him, just as you are you. Know that this comparative state of mind won't do any good, bc If you're subconsciously looking for someone that does certain things like your ex, you leave no room to fall for the person in front of you and what they bring to the table. Push ex to the past for good, And remember there's a reason why he didn't make it to your future :)


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